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«Shaolin of the Caucasus»






«Shaolin  of  the  Caucasus»


«Five Directions of the world» is a Martial Arts school and some even call it the «Shaolin of the Caucasus». 

     It is located in Khalimbekaul, in Dagestan. It was founded by  Gusen Magomaev in 1996. The school has produced: 14 world champions;  the only non-Chinese warrior in the world - the King of Kung Fu; as well as Olympic participants  in Beijing in 2008,  and in London in 2012.

   «Five Directions of the world»: a four geographic points, with space being  the  fifth one. When people live just in four dimensions, it is a lower level. But as you add space, people become more developed spiritually. They are more patient, kinder and can live in peace with each other. In our school these qualities are developed through sports. Martial Arts are foundation of this school.

  Chinese Martial Arts have deep philosophy, rich history and important values.  And we can prove, that they are very effective in teaching.    

The founders of the school – 

 Gusen and Olga Magomaevs



Magomaev Gusen –

 philosopher and coach,

artist and Martial Arts master


Since 1968 Magomaev is engaged in coaching and sports activities. The founder of sports karate in Dagestan. The team of Dagestan, led by him, knew no equal in the former USSR. Gusen was the senior coach of Dagestan and the national

 team of the RSFSR.


In a short time, the karate team of Dagestan and the Russian Federation won first places, cups and passing prizes.

Magomaev in a Karate Event during the 70s.

The karate team of Dagestan




Magomaev had trained two two-time champions of the USSR 

and more than 50

Russian champions in karate.



But in 1983, the Soviet Union banned karate and Magomaevs were forced to leave Moscow for Dagestan.








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